Marley Wins Young Composers’ Competition

In semester 1, Year 9 SIM student Marley composed a sound track for a section of a Wallace and Gromit animation. The scene is where the two main characters are pursuing Penguin in a ‘Train Chase’ on a toy train set throughout the house.

Marley’s composition ‘Train Chase’, involved him creating three short themes for Wallace, Gromit and Penguin. He explored exotic scales (Hungarian Minor Scale) and chose instruments to suit the timbre of each character. Initially, Marley composed the music with string quartet accompanying the three themes, however during the holidays he expanded his composition to include a full orchestra! Early in term 4, he entered his piece in the ASME Young Composers’ Award and was tonight awarded first place in Section C: Composers in school Years 8-9.

Marley was also awarded 2nd place for his electronic composition ‘Space and Time’ which he entered in Section J: Sequenced, Rock/Pop Instrumental Year 8 – 12 or up to age 18. This piece showed Marley’s diversity and broad musicianship as he mixed and performed his electronic piece live at the awards – he was the only one in this category to perform live.

We congratulate Marley on his win and look forward to hearing more of his wonderful works.

Marley performing at ASME YCA 2022

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  1. Emma Borgas on November 22, 2022 at 8:38 pm

    Amazing work Marley! So creative and musical! We are all very proud. 🙂

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