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Special Interest Music Centre
Brighton Secondary School

Kaurna Country
305 Brighton Road
North Brighton
​South Australia 5048


+61 8 8375 8215 (8:00am - 4:00pm week days)

Music Faculty Staff

Special Interest Music Applications

Completed application forms for Special Interest Music should be emailed to: Contact details for instrumental teachers can be found on the Instrumental Timetables page. Contact details for ensemble directors can be found on the Ensembles page.

Instrumental Music Staff

Department for Education Instrumental Music staff

Sarah Barrett (French horn)
Cheryl Bentley (clarinet/saxophone)
Rob Chenoweth (trumpet)
Kirsty Friebe (double bass)
Mike Gillard (percussion)
Sandy Hosking (cello)
Amelia Monaghan (recorder)
Bianca Raponi (voice)
Madeleine Stewart (flute)
Jenny Symonds (violin/viola)
Dave Winnall (trombone)


Private Instrumental Music staff

  • Lisa Gill (flute)
  • Rosanne Hammer (piano)
  • Naomi Hede (voice)
  • Leticia Lee (voice)
  • Emily Legg (tuba)
  • Jackson Mack (drums)
  • Sam Morris (guitar)
  • Sam Penny (bassoon )
  • Emma Perkins (violin)
  • Emma Richardson (violin)
  • Renae Stavely (oboe )
  • Tasha Stevens (bass)
  • Luke Thompson (voice)
  • Angeline Thoo Yee Ven (piano)
  • Cameron Waters (cello)
  • Rhys Williams (piano)
  • Natalie Zwar (flute)

Bassoon and oboe lessons are funded by the Music Department.

Social Media

Some of our high-profile performances are viewable via the Music playlist on Brighton Secondary School's YouTube page. If you use Facebook you can apply to be a member of our Music @ Brighton Secondary School group.