Instrumental Lessons


In the main, instrumental lessons begin in Week 3 of Term 1 (if not earlier). Instrumental lesson times can be found on students' Daymap. Students should monitor Daymap and familiarise themselves with the day and the room in which the lessons will be held so that the lessons run smoothly with full attendance.

  • Instruments are to be stored in the instrumental store rooms (opposite the Music Staff office). Place the instrument in the storeroom on arrival at school, collect it for the instrumental/performance lesson, return it to the storeroom after the lesson, and then collect it at the end of the day to take home to practice.
  • Instruments must have a name tag attached to the outside of the case.
  • If a student cannot attend an instrumental lesson, it is important that the Music Centre is notified promptly so that a note can be placed in the instrumental teacher's pigeonhole. Alternatively the instrumental teacher should be emailed directly.
  • Closed-in black leather school shoes should be worn at all times in the Music areas for safety reasons, i.e., no sandals.


All instrumental lessons are integrated into the Daymap timetable. To view your lessons, open Daymap and navigate to your day plan using either the timetable view or the feed view.

Timetable View
Each instrumental music lesson will be shown by a calendar icon along with the name of the instrument, the surname of your instrumental music teacher and a class number.

  • Look for this icon on your timetable: Daymap Calendar Icon
  • Next to it will be the instrument, the surname of your teacher and a class number: Instrument - Surname xx
  • Click on the lesson to see the time and room number. Try clicking on the instrumental music lessons on the timetable below.

Feed View
Instrumental music lessons and co-curricular ensembles will be shown by a green border to the left of the text indicating the times, instrument and teacher's surname.

Instrumental Music Staff

Department for Education Instrumental Music staff

Sarah Barrett (horn)
Cheryl Bentley (clarinet/saxophone)
Rob Chenoweth (trumpet)
Kirsty Friebe (double bass)
Mike Gillard (percussion)
Sandy Hosking (cello)
Amelia Monaghan (recorder)
Bianca Raponi (voice)
Madeleine Stewart (flute)
Jenny Symonds (violin/viola)
Dave Winnall (trombone)


Private Instrumental Music staff

  • Lisa Gill (flute)
  • Rosanne Hammer (piano)
  • Naomi Hede (voice)
  • Leticia Lee (voice)
  • Emily Legg (tuba, euphonium)
  • Jackson Mack (drums)
  • Sam Morris (guitar)
  • Sam Penny (bassoon )
  • Emma Perkins (violin)
  • Emma Richardson (violin)
  • Renae Stavely (oboe )
  • Tasha Stevens (bass)
  • Luke Thompson (voice)
  • Angeline Thoo Yee Ven (piano)
  • Cameron Waters (cello)
  • Rhys Williams (piano)
  • Natalie Zwar (flute)

Bassoon and oboe lessons are funded by the Music Department.