Adelaide Horn Days 2024

On the 9th and 10th of June, over the long weekend, the Adelaide Horn Jam took place at Elder Hall in the city! This was an engaging weekend, which gave me several opportunities to learn lots of new things, particularly about historical baroque horn. We had several jam sessions and played our horns as a big group. Who knew what so many horns put together sounded like! Anneke Scott, one of the world’s best horn players, came in and gave us several information sessions on the baroque horn and how it works. We even had a workshop with her where we only played on our natural horn F side, and altered the pitch of the notes with our embouchure and hand position! Although it was an interesting and new experience, it left me chopped. I think I’ll stick to the valves haha! It was an enjoyable weekend where I met many more talented horn players, and I’m excited to attend lots more Horn Days!

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